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On the lower half of the page, click New client secret; Do the following: Provide a Description for the client secret; In the Expires drop-down, select an expiration date for the client secret Note: We do not provide a recommendation on the life of the secret. This is a security consideration that is dependent on each organizations security ...

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When configuring storage locations in Zenko Orbit, you need to enter some combination of access key, secret key, and account name. All this information varies by cloud provider and it can be annoyingly complicated to find all that information. This cheatsheet will help you configure access to AWS, Azure and Google for Zenko Orbit.
These are the client ID and the tenant ID that you need to enter in PRTG. Step 2: Get the client secret. Take the following steps to create an application password, also known as client secret. Go to the Certificates & secrets tab. Click to enlarge. Click New client secret to open the Add a client secret dialog. Click to enlarge.
Go to Azure portal (For the US government) Go to Azure portal (For Germany) Go to Azure portal (For China) From the left menu, select Azure Active Directory; Select properties from the list; Collect the Directory ID from here. This is your Tenant ID. In the manage section of Azure Active Directory, click on App registrations. Click on New ...
Navigate to your new key vault in the Azure portal. On the Key Vault settings pages, select Secrets. Click on Generate/Import. On the Create a secret screen choose the following values: Upload options: Manual. Name: Type a name for the secret. The secret name must be unique within a Key Vault.
Navigate to the Certificates and Secrets tab and create a new secret. Make sure to copy the secret value as it will be unavailable once you navigate off this tab (but you can always delete it and recreate it). Information needed for Postman. Client Id: Can be found in the Overview Tab; Client Secret: Was created and copied in the previous step
Using the Azure Portal, open the desired resource group or create a new one. In this sample, we will keep using the “Security”-resource group. In the Resource Group, click “Add” to add a new service and search for “Key Vault”.
To authenticate with a Service Principal, you will need to create an Application object within Azure Active Directory, which you will use as a means of authentication, either using a Client Certificate or a Client Secret (which is documented in this guide). This can be done using the Azure Portal.
To register a client app and client secret in Azure AD, follow these steps: Navigate to Azure Active Directory >> Click on "App registrations" from the left navigation menu. In this post, we will look at how to manage Azure Policy using PowerShell for common Mar 10, 2019 · There are 3 ways you can register Resource Providers in Azure.

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